Bruce Kaechele

Vice President & Creative Director

Bruce Kaechele

A long-time musician and songwriter, Bruce Kaechele has an ear for what rings true. Observant and succinct, Bruce does more listening than speaking, which is part of what makes him such an effective leader for the creative team.

With years of experience at his back and a sense of creative intuition that guides his talents, Bruce frames deliberate, considered strategy that widens possibilities. In his past life, Bruce developed effective marketing campaigns for Unilever and Miller Brewing Company brands (among others). Bruce's work has shifted from developing stellar marketing campaigns to helping an organization see their unending contribution to the world but his refusal to concoct what isn't there has never wavered.

As Vice President & Creative Director at Fathom, Bruce's passion lies in figuring out the inherent truth of an idea and how to best express it. For him, that begins with paying attention to its history, aligning its influences and arranging (and often rearranging) each element to strike the perfect chord.

Bruce's non-Fathom life is spent with his family and an active community by the Connecticut shoreline. Lucky for us, he also squeezes in time to share his music and thoughts through his personal blog, Ladder to the Attic.