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You see more potential in your organization.We help you access it.

What we do

We help our clients ask and answer the questions, “Where do we want to go?” and “How are we going to get there?” Then we help them take decisive action toward their goals.

We partner with business-to-business leadership teams to set a vision, craft a new narrative, build a culture, and design brand experiences that energize the relationships vital to success. As a result, our clients experience more demand for what they do, have more choice in how they spend their time, and find more satisfaction in the difference they make.

DaCruz Manufacturing Video Story

Reconnecting with the past to see a clear way forward

Our offerings

  • Brand

    Understanding how you are perceived by the audiences that matter to you most

  • Narrative

    Uncovering the principles and authentic story that guide all decisions and inspire engagement

  • Program

    Designing the initiatives that establish and nurture the internal and external relationships that are vital to success

  • Digital Brand

    Creating the most effective expression of your story through websites and video

  • Brand Experience

    Crafting core visual and communication vehicles to convey an organization's unique story to the marketplace

  • Organizational

    Generating the capacity to realize an ideal future and integrate change

Why work with us

In the 10 years that we’ve been helping all types of organizations realize their potential, we’ve discovered three truths that guide our approach and ensure results.


Change needs to be powered, not forced.

Our work draws out ideas, based in your organization’s own values, beliefs, and commitments, that are powerful enough to drive change from within.

Svigals + Partners Video Story

Claiming market space by being true to their purpose


The future can’t be dictated; it has to be generated.

Our approach is all about creating a future for your organization that is not encumbered by the past or limited by assumptions. We allow the path to create itself and invite your entire organization to be contributors to its creation. The result, unique to you, will position you at the front of your industry.

Kelser Video Story

Inviting contribution to generate powerful change


Ideas are interesting. Action is powerful.

As your guides, we help you stay on the path you've chosen and get to the destination you dream about. For Fathom, ideas are only worthwhile if they provoke action that makes a difference.

By keeping these rules in the foreground, our work consistently helps our clients reach their most important objectives. They experience deeper personal fulfillment, stronger connection with colleagues, and more valuable engagement with their marketplace.

When to engage us

Organizations benefit most from working with us when they are ready to start a new chapter and take action. Some common symptoms found in organizations that we help include difficulty with:

  • Generating more business opportunities
  • Breaking into new markets, industries and geographies
  • Creating a distinct and respected brand presence
  • Establishing an engaged team
  • Nurturing a vibrant culture
  • Transitioning leadership
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Navigating mergers and acquisitions

Do you know what your world thinks of you?

Every one of our engagements begins with a Brand Assessment to establish an objective understanding of how your most important audiences perceive you. For a modest investment of time and money, you gain valuable insights about what your organization means to the world and create a foundation on which to build your ideal future.

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Who we work with

We are inspired by working with creative problem solvers, engineers of complex solutions, and makers of beautiful things.

Our clients are driven to make a tangible difference in the world and provide their customers something beyond the products and services they sell. We work primarily with business-to-business organizations and focus on those involved with the built environment (architects, engineers, planners, and builders) and advanced manufacturing (precision machining, medical devices, and aerospace).

Business relationships are complex, involve numerous constituents, and generate deep connections. These take intense care to develop and nurture, and when done well, generate lasting value. These are the opportunities we are best equipped to facilitate—and exactly the kind of client relationships we want.


Our team

We give our clients everything we have. We come together as individuals committed to our personal passions and as a united team dedicated to making lives and livelihoods better for everyone we meet.